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Richmond Workshops

Richmond Workshops

Props & Poses; Back to Basics
Props & Poses; Back to Basics with Sarah Chapman and Tanya Cruz

Sunday 17 July
12noon to 2 pm


Sarah and Tanya will be taking you through various postures, explaining how the use of props and taking modifications for YOUR body, can help develop your practice.

They will spend time breaking down vinyasas and other classic postures from the basics sequence focussing on alignment and how subtle adjustments can make a big difference to your practice helping you to build strength and deepen your asana practice.

The workshop will end with a beautiful gentle practice and close with yoga Nidra.

Great for beginners who really want to break down the postures and also great for anyone who would like to deepen their practice.

The UP-side Inversion workshop
The UP-side Inversion workshop
Saturday 30th July
2 pm to 4 pm
with Melinda
Join Melinda to build confidence and a confident foundation for your upside-down time.
Inversions can be quite intimidating especially when you arrive at a class and people warm up in handstands.
We are all on a unique journey in our practice and you might find that you would love to do the inversions in a class, but you don’t know-how.
In this workshop we will build strength towards our inversions, focusing on drills that can help you get stronger. We will start the workshop with a practice to focus the mind and warm up the body before we will spend some time breaking down headstand, and forearm stand handstand.