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Richmond Workshops

ONLINE Sacred Flow - Full Moon Yoga Ceremony

Jamie Ray Yoga and Fiongal

ONLINE Sacred Flow – Full Moon Yoga Ceremony
Monday 6th April
7:30pm – 9pm
£12 for members, £18 for non-members

ONLINE Sacred Flow – Full Moon Yoga Ceremony

To honour each full moon throughout the year, Jamie Ray Yoga (www.jamierayyoga.com) and Fiongal – founder of The Wellness Foundry (www.wellnessfoundry.co.uk) – have curated a series of special and heartfelt Full Moon Ceremonies and sacred sound meditations.

The circle will meet monthly in conjunction with the lunar cycles, the first beginning on Friday 6th of March.

It is important to acknowledge the natural rhythms of the moon, as it is an invitation to give pause and reflect your current life events; show gratitude for all your blessings and achievements; whilst also tapping into your heart, setting intentions and recognizing your subtle energies.

Each ceremony will be themed to reflect the astrological house in which that monthly moon resides. By doing so we can work with the planetary influences and lessons and incorporate these into our practice and daily lives. Combining Jamie’s yoga expertise and Fiongal’s Tarot and psychic knowledge, this promises to be a truly magical evening.

The event is divided into 2 parts:

Jamie will guide us through a candle-lit, nurturing flow sequence: we will link the moon’s influence of reflection and receptivity with a sense of grounding and support from the earth beneath.

By holding the poses for longer we are able to connect the body to the breath on a deeper level. During the practice, Fiongal with be offering Reiki healing and adjustments.

Afterwards, Fiongal will lead us through a powerful visualization and sound bath śvasāna to unite us with the moon’s energies. Using the meditation, we’ll journal our insights and understandings to uncover how best to move forward.

He will then offer a special group Tarot reading, unveiling the collective energies of the month ahead so that you can navigate the most abundant path.

Please wear comfortable clothing for your asāna practice
Bring a bottle of water.
Notepad and pen (optional)
All other equipment provided. We look forward to welcoming you

Going Bath

with Charlie Merton

Going Bath with Charlie Merton
Sunday 19th April
7:30pm – 9pm

Going Bath with Charlie Merton

Join Charlie for a deeply nourishing and purifying gong bath taking you on journey through sacred sounds and vibrations.

Aside from being a practising Music Therapist (MA) Charlie is an experienced crystal/sound healer & yoga teacher with a decades experience working with energy.

In a gong bath with Charlie, you can expect a symphony of sounds as she works with 4 gongs in addition to a range of instruments including Tibetan bowls, shamanic rattles, rainstick, sansula, koshi chimes and voice.

Within Charlie’s Gong Baths she aims to facilitate a shift for everyone that attends, her aim is to create a small shift, that stays shifted as you return to your default setting. Hopefully leaving you feeling lighter in your spirit and more connected to yourself.

It is advised that you should not attend your first gong bath during pregnancy.

If you have attended a gong bath prior to pregnancy, it is fine to attend.