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Clapham Workshops

Autumnal Sound Bath with Louise Wellby

Open to all levels


Friday 12th November

Clapham yogahaven
Members Price: £20.00
Non-Members Price: £25.00
A soothing and restorative Autumnal Sound Bath.
Experience a pathway to presence, tuning in, and letting go. Rest deeply, restore and nourish your whole being.
You’ll be led through nourishing movement and breathwork before lying down to rest and be ‘bathed’ in sound.
Louise is a creative and nurturing yoga teacher who loves weaving sound sessions and guiding soothing practices for living life inflow.
“I’ll never forget my first gong bath and the whole being sense of attunement and serenity I felt. The experience usually involves resting comfortably, closing one’s eyes, and being immersed and enveloped in sound waves. These waves resound and vibrate through our bones, our cells, the fibres of our whole being. Once the sympathetic nervous system is calmed and flows into a parasympathetic restful state, no longer caught up in mind chatter and hypervigilance (fight or flight stress state), our imaginative, creative, and intuitive capacities have room to surface and unravel.”
– Louise
Come as you are.
Here is a recent article written by Louise (first published by Om Magazine) who will guide you through the sound bath: https://wellbylou.com/words/sound-meditation
Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Day (Held at yogahaven East Croydon)

Open to all levels

Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Day (Held at yogahaven East Croydon)

Saturday, Nov 13th 

10 am-5 pm


yogahaven East Croydon


Fascinated by yoga but not 100% sure that you want to embark on a teacher training or teach (yet?) Our foundation course is the perfect day of training to whet your appetite and learn a variety of topics from yogahaven founder, Allie.

This one-day training will give you an introduction to the theory that underpins yoga and an ideal way to expand your knowledge in a safe and supportive environment. Allie and the teaching team have been delivering yoga teacher training for 14 years and the foundation day is an opportunity to find the answers to your burins questions about stepping into teaching yoga as a career or simply to deepen your knowledge of this vast and magical subject.


The day will begin with a yoga class taught by one of our senior teachers, Allie will then cover the following topics: Vision & Goals, Yoga Philosophy, Posture Clinic – looking at the do’s & dont’s of popular poses, Teaching Skills, Practise & Ethics.