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Clapham Workshops

Clapham Workshops

Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Day with Allie Hill

Yoga Teacher Training Foundation Day with Allie Hill

Saturday 17th February 2024

10am – 2pm


*held at a convenient location, just 10 minutes’ walk from Clapham Junction station.

Venue details:

bbo dance

Battersea Reach

Juniper Drive

London SW18 1TA

Fascinated by yoga but not 100% sure that you want to embark on a teacher training or teach (yet?)?

Our foundation course is the perfect half day of training to whet your appetite and learn a variety of topics from the yogahaven founder, Allie Hill.

This half day training will give you an introduction to the yogahaven teacher training, and you will learn the theory that underpins yoga – it’s an ideal way to expand your knowledge in a safe and supportive environment. 

Allie and the yogahaven team have been delivering yoga teacher training since 2006 and the

Foundation day is an opportunity to find the answers to your burning questions about stepping into teaching yoga as a career, or to simply deepen your knowledge of this vast and magical subject.

The day will begin with a yoga class and Allie will then cover the following topics: Vision & Goals, Yoga Philosophy, Posture Clinic – looking at the do’s & don’ts of popular poses,

Teaching Skills, Practice & Ethics.

Handstand & Balance Monthly Master Classes, led by Team GB Athlete Jamie Jeffery

Handstand & Balance Monthly Master Classes, led by Team GB Athlete Jamie Jeffery

Third Sunday of each Month, February – April




The aim of these master classes is to provide a regular training session and learning environment for developing the handstand and principles of balance in the body that can be carried over into participant’s regular yoga practice.

The sessions will be two hours long and include a gymnastics style body preparation warm up, a led section for handstand development exercises, and then an hour of practice where Jamie will work with each of the participants individually to target specific needs.

We would encourage those curious about inversions and beginning their handstand journey to come along, but also people who may be looking for guidance or support at the intermediate level. It is Jamie’s intention that each participant will leave the session with a specific and personalized understanding of what they need to work on to see improvement in their handstand.

In terms of the handstand itself, we will look at the functionality of the position and how this can be conditioned using simple body weight strength and flexibility training exercises. From here we will explore the process of learning and developing the skill, and how to structure practice such that improvement can be seen and tracked over time.

About Jamie:

Jamie is a gymnastics coach and teacher of flexibility and mobility, core and local strength and movement skills. He works with people on the foundation of their functionality with a view to enhancing their enjoyment of the body. Jamie spent 10 years as an elite acrobatic gymnast and 3 years on the British team with his training partner. They represented GB at Two World Cups and the 2019 Acrobatic Gymnastics European championships in Israel, from which they came away with a silver medal in the men’s pair dynamic exercise. They were also selected for the 2020 world championships, though these did not take place due to Covid. In this time Jamie also spent 5 years developing his skills as a coach in Richmond Gymnastics Association’s squad program. For 3 of these years he also worked in the general gymnastics, inclusion and preschool programs, and so became accustomed to working with a full spectrum of abilities. From 2021-2022 he was the lead coach for RGA’s National Development Plan squad, in which time gymnasts under his team’s guidance achieved great success at Regional and National competition level.  He is currently the resident acrobatics and gymnastics coach at the Commando Temple gym in Deptford, London. Jamie also works with people as an online coach.

Highway to Headstand with Richard Knight

Highway to Headstand with Richard Knight

Sunday 14th April

2pm – 4pm

🧘‍♀️ Highway to Headstand

Keen to invert but stuck with your feet on the ground? Not quite sure how to get from crow to tripod headstand? Not sure what on earth a tripod headstand is?

Join Richard Knight for this fun and accessible workshop

🤓 Discuss the reasons why we invert;

😀 Look at different types of headstand & their variants;

🙃 Break down how to build the strength, mobility and – above all – the confidence to take your practice upside down.

Suitable for all levels* whether you have no inversion experience or you’re a confident headstander looking to lift up into a side crow!

*Note that this workshop is focused on headstand and variations, so we won’t be looking at forearm stands or handstand in detail.