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Clapham Workshops

Clapham Workshops

Arm Balance Workshop with Echo Elliott

Saturday 9th July 


Members price is £20.00 

Non-members price £25.00 

Arm Balances: Forearm (Pincha) and Handstands


Looking to develop your pincha and handstand practice?

We will explore creative and playful ways to help you find your alignment and balance upside down.


We will work on flexibility and strength with and without the wall, how to use props and drills to learn to trust ourselves and face our fears head-on. We will build confidence by learning how to fall and embracing it.

This is a chance to explore the poses we often tell ourselves we can’t do.


This workshop is accessible to all levels. We will work through poses and variations including learning how to kick up, improving hold time and tuck, hollow-back, press, straddle and some funky transitions.

I will help you find your way to move confidently into the poses and we will have a good giggle!


“Echo’s nuggets of information really make the difference.”