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Clapham Workshops

Sacred Flow – Full Moon Yoga Ceremony

Jamie Ray Yoga and Fiongal

ONLINE Sacred Flow – Full Moon Yoga Ceremony
Monday 6th April
7:30pm – 9pm
£12 for members, £18 for non-members

Sacred Flow – Full Moon Yoga Ceremony

To honour each full moon throughout the year, Jamie Ray Yoga (www.jamierayyoga.com) and Fiongal – founder of The Wellness Foundry (www.wellnessfoundry.co.uk) – have curated a series of special and heartfelt Full Moon Ceremonies and sacred sound meditations.

The circle will meet monthly in conjunction with the lunar cycles, the first beginning on Friday 6th of March.

It is important to acknowledge the natural rhythms of the moon, as it is an invitation to give pause and reflect your current life events; show gratitude for all your blessings and achievements; whilst also tapping into your heart, setting intentions and recognizing your subtle energies.

Each ceremony will be themed to reflect the astrological house in which that monthly moon resides. By doing so we can work with the planetary influences and lessons and incorporate these into our practice and daily lives. Combining Jamie’s yoga expertise and Fiongal’s Tarot and psychic knowledge, this promises to be a truly magical evening.

The event is divided into 2 parts:

Jamie will guide us through a candle-lit, nurturing flow sequence: we will link the moon’s influence of reflection and receptivity with a sense of grounding and support from the earth beneath.

By holding the poses for longer we are able to connect the body to the breath on a deeper level. During the practice, Fiongal with be offering Reiki healing and adjustments.

Afterwards, Fiongal will lead us through a powerful visualization and sound bath śvasāna to unite us with the moon’s energies. Using the meditation, we’ll journal our insights and understandings to uncover how best to move forward.

He will then offer a special group Tarot reading, unveiling the collective energies of the month ahead so that you can navigate the most abundant path.

Please wear comfortable clothing for your asāna practice
Bring a bottle of water.
Notepad and pen (optional)
All other equipment provided. We look forward to welcoming you

Raising Vibrations – Incorporating Crystals into your Yoga

Jamie Ray Yoga and Fiongal

Raising Vibrations – Incorporating Crystals into your Yoga Practice
Sunday 31st May, 2pm-4:30pm
£50 incl. 7 Chakra Stones, £35 workshop only.
(10% discount for Gold & Silver Members)

Raising Vibrations – Incorporating Crystals into your Yoga Practice

It’s no secret that crystals and yoga can play a vital role in restoring and balancing our energetic and physical bodies. Jamie Ray Yoga and Fiongal, founder of The Wellness Foundry, have designed a very special workshop, showing you how to combine these two modalities.

We will be exploring the chakra system and how it is applied to our asana practice. You will be guided on how to use crystals in conjunction to our postures, to awaken and harmonize our mental, physical and spiritual selves.

Fiongal will begin the workshop with an overview of our energetic – chakra – system and why it is so important within our yoga practice. He will explain how and why they become imbalanced and how yoga, in combination of crystals, can help us overcome blockages, negative attitudes and physical disharmony.

He will then lead a guided visualization, connecting you with the crystal’s energies and in turn helping you to ground, re-centre and find positive affirmations for your life.

Afterwards, Jamie will direct a specially crafted vinyasa flow, working to rebalance your main chakras. During each of the seven sequences, you will use the corresponding crystals in your postures to deepen your connection between body and spirit. Each section will include a unique sensory experience of soundscapes and incense.

Fiongal will close the practice with a sound-journey and crystal śvanasa.

You will leave the workshop feeling energetically and physically restored, with an in-depth knowledge of how to use crystals in all your future yoga practices. In addition, you will receive seven chakra stones (full price ticket only), specially charged throughout the event with your own energetic imprint.

This workshop is suitable for all levels