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Birmingham Workshops

Birmingham Workshops

Ari`s Arm Balance Academy - Arm balances made easier

Saturday 13th August 

1:30pm – 3:30pm


Looking to fine-tune your arm balances or maybe ready for some inspiration?

Come and explore the possibilities of gradually inviting new poses into your practice. Whether you’re curious, nervous, or excited about balancing your hands, or you’ve been working on them for a while but want to develop your skills to get over a plateau, this workshop will give you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to unlock your arm balance practice.

Wise yogis know it’s not all about the fancy pose….but it’s definitely fun to try! Join our teacher Ari (coming all the way from Sydney, Australia) as we learn effective techniques on the journey to a safe, solid foundation of many arm balance postures. With props, we will learn the necessary alignment and awaken core strength, conditioning exercises, and many fun variations to spice up your practice. Come with an open mind and a willingness to have fun in this workshop suitable for all levels. See the world from a different point of view… literally!

What will be involved in this 2-hour workshop? What type of asana will there be?

This fun and informative workshop will build strength in your upper body and teach you how to support your body weight safely. We’ll use various tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals of finding strength and stability in your arms. Get ready to fly!


What skills and learnings can students expect to take away?

Learn t play with your favourite arm balances like a crow, and one-legged flying crow variations, also dragonflies, grasshoppers, flying pigeons, flying lizards, and flying splits! You name it, we’ll probably play with it.

Is the workshop suitable for everyone? Are there any prerequisites or assumed knowledge/ experience?

This is an intermediate-level workshop but is for those that want to have fun just having a go! It will be open to everyone of all levels, I will make sure all levels of practitioners will learn some great tips.

Is there anything students should (or should not do) to prepare for the workshop?

Just come with an open mind, ready to connect with the community and have fun. Have a towel handy as you might get sweaty!

Can you tell us a little about why this is an area you are passionate about and want to share with others?

I just love arm balances and creative variations. I also love using props to help you achieve your goals! There are so many ways you can explore your yoga practice.