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Learn to lead crystal bowl sound healing

Learn to lead crystal bowl sound healing with Holly Husler


June 8th & 9th
June 29th & 30th



Venue: Arts ED, Turnham Green




Become a crystal bowl sound healer and learn how to use the power of sound, frequency and vibration as a healing tool and in your personal practice. Discover how to take people on a journey of beautiful crystalline sounds, guiding them away from disharmony and into a state of peace and balance, inner awareness and deep soul connection.

Crystal bowls have a pure and ethereal sound when played, emitting healing frequencies that tune the cells in our bodies back to balance, leaving us feeling centred and clear with a deeper connection to who we are at our core.

This course is led by sound healer Holly Husler. Holly is also a yoga and wellness teacher and musician who has played and sung at studios, events and festivals around the world.

This 30-hour training, over two weekends, is open to yoga teachers, healers, therapists and anyone who wants to incorporate sound baths into a yogic, therapeutic or community setting, or simply for personal use at home. 



You must bring your own crystal singing bowl (minimum one).



Course content:

The course is a mixture of theory and practical, with sound journeys from Holly, instruction on how to play your bowl/s, practice time, and talks on a variety of topics. These include: the history and science of sound healing, energy and sound frequencies, sound and the chakras, intuition and intention, music theory, holding a safe space, how to lead 1:1 and group sessions, the power of mantra and voice, and more. See course structure below for a day-by-day syllabus.

The course is over two weekends – June 8th & 9th and June 29th & 30th. Holly asks that you spend 2-3 hours reading the recommended book beforehand and time practising at home between the two weekends. The course is in-person.


You will receive a manual from Holly on day 1, especially written for this course.


Recommended pre-reading:

The Seven Secrets of Sound Healing by Jonathan Goldman

Please read as much of this as you can before the course starts.


Your crystal bowl(s):

You must bring a minimum of one crystal bowl. These can take time to purchase, so please begin the process of purchasing it at least two to three weeks before the course starts. See additional information at the bottom of this page for suggested options. Two or three bowls is an ideal starting point, and often distributors give a discount for purchasing three.


Course structure:


First weekend
Sat 8th June : 9.30am–5.30pm
Sun 9th June: 9.30am–5.30pm



Second weekend
Sat 29th June : 9.30am–5.30pm
Sun 30th June : 9.30am–5.30pm
Lunch breaks 1–2pm


Day 1

Welcome, opening sound journey and intention setting

The origins and science of sound healing | Energy, vibration, frequency

About crystal bowls

Brain wave states and benefits of sound healing

Cymatics (visual representation of sound)

How to play your bowls | How to manage and protect your energy

How to create and hold a safe space, and the importance of grounding

How to lead group sessions

Practice time

Sound and the chakras – root and sacral chakras



Day 2

Opening sound journey

The power of intention, words and thoughts | Law of attraction

The impact of sound on water

How to cleanse and care for your bowls

Precautions and contraindications

How to run 1:1 sessions | Practice 1:1 sessions in pairs

Sound and the chakras – solar plexus and heart chakras



Day 3

Opening sound journey, sharing circle and case studies Q&A

Basic music theory, understanding the octave, musical intervals and harmonies | Using other instruments in your sessions

Sound and the chakras – throat chakra

Group mantra chanting | Group practice

Closing sound journey



Day 4

Playing to the group and feedback

Marketing, social media, what to charge

Importance of your own spiritual practice

The frequency of abundance

Sound and the chakras – third eye chakra and crown chakra

Final Q&A and closing sound journey



Learning outcomes:

After this course you will be able to conduct crystal bowl sound healing in a yogic, therapeutic or community setting – e.g. lead a sound journey at the end of a yoga class, play to women’s circles, or add sound healing to your work as a therapist.



Eligibility + prerequisites:

Suitable for yoga teachers as well as anyone interested in learning to lead sound healing using a crystal bowl, or simply wanting to incorporate a new healing practice into your life.




This training is accredited with the Complementary Medical Association.



Additional information:

Holly Husler

Holly Husler is a yoga and wellness teacher, sound healer and musician. Music has always been in her soul but her path took a few twists – including being in a girlband and writing dance music – before she found her true calling of using yoga and sound to help others heal. At studios, events and festivals around the world, she now guides people back to conscious connection and their own inner peace through movement and sound. Her significant yoga teachers have included Jamie Clarke, Dulce Aguilar, Adam Husler and Mia Togo. She trained as a sound healer with Nestor Kornblum and Michelle Averard, plus crystal bowl specialists Carly Grace and Yantara Jiro. In 2021 she released her first two solo singles, Moment with the Sun and Lunar.



Options for purchasing a crystal bowl:



Option 1: 

Alchemy crystal bowls. These are the bowls Holly uses. Each one is unique and mixed with precious gemstones, metals and minerals which give them their colour and extra healing qualities. They are the more expensive choice and unparalleled in quality, starting at around £800 per bowl.



Option 2: 

Clear quartz bowls. These are quartz only and are clear. They’re less expensive but still a beautiful quality, starting at around £300 per bowl.

Please email Holly on holly@hollyhusler.com to organise choosing and purchasing your bowl/s.

You are also welcome to research and source your own, of course. People sometimes opt for frosted bowls, which are less expensive but quality is not always guaranteed. Holly works with trusted distributors whose bowls are of the highest quality.