Emma Peel


Emma’s background in photo-directing and print media span over 20 years until another late night in the office, she saw the spine of a book in a pile being shipped to charity. An hour and a half later, she was still standing there mesmerised. The practise in this book became an every day commitment, an experience of not wanting, not searching or looking but, feeling and being. Her first training between jobs was a desire to learn, another training came and then more training and within a few years, she had walked away from media permanently, embarking on a journey that simply allowed space for everyone and anyone.

Fact: played against Argentina in an under 16 England Hockey team. They lost... badly...

Likes: water

Dislikes: wind


All of our teachers are passionate practitioners. They have all undergone intensive training, through our unique teacher training course and are fully certified to teach you hot yoga. The training is run by yogahaven founder Allie Hill, a renown and respected teacher in the UK’s yoga industry.

Our friendly teachers are here to guide you through your practice and answer any questions you may have about specific poses. Please feel free to speak to the teacher after class if you have any questions, concerns or simply want to chat yoga!

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