Your guide to yoga at yogahaven

In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, the word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, meaning “yoke” or “binding”, and describes the union of the body, the mind, and the wisdom of the heart.

Hot yoga is at the heart of what we do in Clapham but we also offer a wide variety of other styles, catering for everyone from complete beginner to veteran yogi.

We call our unique style of hot yoga “Leela Yoga.” Leela means “play” in Sanskrit, and it reflects our belief that yoga should be liberating and joyfully experienced. We believe in teaching yoga in a way that is non-dogmatic and above all, enjoyable.


Your guide to yoga at yogahaven

Yoga has been around for many centuries, and is practiced today by millions. Its popularity and longevity are testament to the host of physical and mental benefits it offers, and yoga can help with:

Weight loss Back, neck and shoulder pain Healing and preventing sports injury Depression, anxiety, stress Increasing fitness and stamina Insomnia Poor Digestion Asthma and arthritis A wide range of chronic conditions

Guide To Yoga Classes

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