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East Croydon Workshops

ONLINE Sacred Flow: Yoga Full-Moon Ritual Workshop

Jamie Ray Yoga and Fiongal

Friday 2nd October
8pm – 9:45pm

In Studio:£25 (inc. goodie bag & crystal)
Non-members £19.50
Members £15.00

About the Event:

The event is divided into 2 parts:

Jamie will guide us through a nurturing Moon salutation and Yin practice: we will link the moon’s influence of reflection and receptivity with a sense of grounding and support from the earth beneath.
By holding the poses for longer we are able to connect the body to the breath on a deeper level.
During the practice, Fiongal will be offering distant Reiki healing.

Afterwards, Fiongal will lead us through a powerful visualization śvasāna to unite us with the moon’s energies. Using the meditation, we’ll journal our insights and understandings to uncover how best to move forward. He will then offer a special group Tarot reading, unveiling the collective energies of the month ahead so that you can navigate the most abundant path.

This event is hosted at yogahaven Clapham, as well as being streamed live via Zoom.

Your yoga mat and any props
Comfortable clothing for your asāna practice
A bottle of water
Notepad and pen
A pillow and blanket (optional)

Building a Balanced + Strong Core

Matt Mulcahy

Sunday 1 November
1pm – 3pm

Live-streamed from Clapham yogahaven online via Zoom
Non-members £18
Members £16.20

What does it actually mean to “engage your core” and is it necessary in our yoga practice?

Many of us are familiar with the front section of our core (anterior abdominals) but these only paints part of a bigger picture. Our anatomical core resembles a 3-dimensional cylinder comprising a network of muscles that work together to provide support and stability for the entire body.

Given the practice of yoga orientates towards a state of equanimity, it’s important to address all areas of our core in a balanced way. This 2-hour workshop will expand your knowledge and lead you to harness your entire core for increased strength, sustainable movement and a healthy yoga practice.

During this workshop you will:

Practice a thoughtful yet functional Vinyasa-based sequence that explores in depth each component of the core
Move beyond endless “crunches” and learn how to build core integration in subtle and accessible ways
Practice a range of strengthening techniques and explore their application in sun salutations, standing postures and the preparations for arm balances and inversions

In contrast, learn how to stretch and release our midsection in a way that promotes compassionate care
Open to all levels. Please note the Zoom codes get sent 30 minutes before the workshop begins.