Yin Yoga and Gong Bath Sound Therapy

With Zinzi Miller and Janine A'Bear

Sunday 8th December 2pm-4:30pm

 yogahaven Clapham, 63 Wingate square, SW4 0AF


Zinzi and Janine 031119

This workshop is all about supporting time to slow down, to recalibrate and rejuvenate. We will start with a nourishing Yin practice and then enter the second phase - the sound healing - using the gong.
Yin is a passive, meditative and deeply reflective style of yoga. This practice is cooling, calming and focuses on sensation and breath while encouraging spaciousness in the body and the mind. Normally poses are floor-based and are held for longer periods of time, often around 5 minutes. The aim of the practice is to target deeper tissues of the body as well as focusing on certain meridians (energy channels) in the body, incorporating the Chinese medicine system. We will be engaging the para sympathetic nervous system to encourage relaxation in the body and mind.
A gong bath is a form of sound therapy where the gong is played in a way that stimulates healing. Some say it is akin to being massaged inside and out by the vibrations of the gong, bathing in sound waves. It is very common to enter a dreamlike or deep meditative state.
Janine A'Bear is a London-based musician who performs locally and internationally. Alongside her performance work she is a multi-skilled healer, primarily a sound artist, who gained her qualification as a gong practitioner at the London College of Sound Healing in 2018 where she trained under Sheila Whittaker for 12 months on site in Devon. She has a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Natural Medicine and is a newly qualified Hatha Yoga teacher with a strong interest in the sonic healing arts. Using an array of instruments to induce deep states of relaxation, Janine aims to use sound as an intuitive tool incorporating ancient techniques to promote a balanced and deeply nourishing experience.
Zinzi trained as a contemporary dancer but after an injury turned to yoga and massage. She teaches primarily Vinyasa, Yin and Mandala Vinyasa. She encourages listening to your body, fully respecting the fact that each person’s anatomy is unique and individual to them. She firmly believes yoga can be for everyone. Yoga has helped her find her peace on and off the mat and she has a strong desire to share the many benefits yoga offers and empower others. She encourages health and happiness! Body, mind and soul are inseparable; if the body is asleep, the soul is asleep.

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