One to One yoga

Your guide to our One to One yoga class

Our one-to-one sessions take place at our beautiful Brighton studio. They are a great way to introduce people to a yoga practice and are especially beneficial for beginners. These hour-long sessions can also be extremely effective for those with physical or emotional conditions, as the therapeutic benefits of yoga are explored.

Whether you are new to yoga, returning from a break or a seasoned practitioner our one-to–one session can support your practice and help to develop stamina and a meditative aspect to yoga, which enhances your development in yoga.

By understanding the use of the feet students begin to experience how a stable foundation creates support up through their legs, pelvis, spine, arms and head.

Many yoga practitioners are flexible and practice asanas (postures) in a habitual manner. The average student is aware of their body with respect to the technique but does not understand the concept of developing inner awareness. Asana practice is not just about the movement of the physical body but understanding the concept of developing inner awareness.

The teacher will help the student to become attentive to where and how tension is being created in the body. By relaxing our habits we bring our consciousness to these areas to reduce tension. The breath is an important aspect of a yoga practice which students can often find challenging as they don’t know how to breath. In this session you will learn how to use the breath to create space within the body and to facilitate movement. This in turn has a calming effect on the mind helping focus improving our ability to concentrate.

Props such as bricks belts blocks and blankets may be used to help the student with alignment as well as understand and perform the correct actions in the postures.

- Open to all levels

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