Hot Yoga

Your guide to our hot yoga class

The Hot Yoga classes at our Brighton studio are practiced in a heated room, allowing muscles, ligaments and tendons to be warmed and stretched in a specific sequence. Using heat ensures that participants will sweat, which helps to flush toxins from their system whilst internal organs and glands are gently massaged. This hot yoga class is designed to increase the heart rate, which prepares the cardiovascular system for more intense activity, it increases blood flow through active muscles, increases metabolic rate, increases speed of nerve impulses which facilitates more subtle awareness of body movements whilst cleansing and rejuvenating the entire system.

The breath is an important part of the practice, during our yoga practice we breathe in and out through the nose cultivating a calm steady flow of breath. This allows the body and mind to relax and then from a place of ease and stability the breath begins to gradually deepen expanding lung capacity and elasticity.

The class consists of classic yoga asanas put together in a sequence to challenge the body not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Creating stamina, strength, flexibility and stability, by using the breath to focus the mind and facilitate movement of the body– the practice becomes an active meditation. Beginning with a few postures to prepare the body for intense activity the hot yoga class is designed to take you through a sequence of postures. Starting with a standing sequence which include balancing followed by floor-based postures, spine strengthening, core work, back bends, twists and forward bends.

Asanas keep your body, as well as your mind, healthy and active. Be prepared to work hard and sweat.

- Open to all levels; we advise complete beginners to practice our Hot Yoga Basics classes first to become familiar with the postures, as this class is more advanced.

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