Hot Flow Yoga

Your guide to our hot flow yoga class

Our Hot Flow classes here at yogahaven Brighton are a dedication to the practice of focusing the mind through movement and breath control. The flow of breath is a fundamental part of all asana (posture) practice at the studio, as we connect our inhalation and exhalation with action to develop fluidity within the body and stillness within the mind.

Through a combination of controlled movement, a heated room and a deep, slow ‘ujjayi breath’ the practitioner will learn to develop and maintain an internal heat that can be used to create suppleness throughout the body. As we work deeper with the breath our muscles, ligaments and tendons will increase in elasticity and over time the dedicated yogi will notice a progression in the depth and alignment of each asana and increased strength within the body. Much like our Hot Yoga classes the addition of the heated room adds a further dimension as the heart rate rises and the cardio vascular energy system is worked at a high level of intensity.

The class is ideal for people wishing further their basic yoga practice. The addition of ‘Vinyasa’ (breath-synchronized movement) whereby the asanas flow seamlessly from one to the next, will help develop an understanding of how postures are linked and how by improving one asana we can transform the way in which we work and think in another.

Whatever the personal goals for your practice, the sequences put together by our fantastic group of teachers will be sure to give you a platform from which to explore and take your understanding to the next level. Our aim is to leave you at the end of every practice at peace in the mind and ready to take your yoga practice out of the studio and into your daily lives.

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