Foundations of Yoga

Your guide to the foundations of yoga

The Foundations of yoga class at Yogahaven Brighton is an Iyengar inspired class working on building the foundations of a practice, which not only focuses on alignment but offers students the opportunity to explore their asana practice in greater detail.

The practice of yoga is to bring about an internal connection and deeper awareness, creating space and opening to a stronger and more flexible body as we begin to balance the body energy as well as the physical body.

This method works on precision helping to refine movement and create stability as well as lightness. We hold the asana for a longer period of time as we explore our possibilities.

Being attentive to where and how we are creating tension and by relaxing our habits we bring our consciousness to these areas to reduce tension whilst we use the breath to facilitate movement. In doing so returning the mind to a calm state of being.

By understanding the use of the feet students begin to experience how a stable foundation creates support up through their legs, pelvis, spine, arms and head. This allows them to see how the lightness of being depends on being grounded and how the correct use of the arms and legs in the postures open the spine. Standing postures are the powerful grounding physical foundation for the overall asana practice that prepares us for the floor-based postures.

Inversions are a necessary part of practice as we reverse the effects of gravity and the fluids that are normally pooled to the lower extremities are now directed to the upper extremities. The brain is flushed with nourishing fresh oxygenated blood, soothing the nervous system whilst clearing and quieting the mind.

The use of props can help to bring more understanding of alignment in the postures and allow us to work in a deeper way.

This class is open to all levels.

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