Yoga for Runners and Cyclists with Sam Edwards

Saturday 11th of May 13:15-15:45

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A full practice incorporating movement, breath and meditation designed specifically to benefit runners and cyclists.

During the workshop, Sam will guide you through a yoga sequence to help you get into your body & mind, to improve proprioception; whilst reminding you how intrinsic self care, rest & recovery is when it comes being the best we can be – whether we run and bike because we love to be outside with friends, get a kick from a personal best, or want to position well in a race.

In any effective training program there will be a strong focus on recovery. As recreational runners & cyclists without coaches and training squads we may not be aware of the risks of muscle overuse & overtraining - without recovery we will continue to stress our bodies increasing our chances of sustaining injuries and illnesses caused by muscle overuse and overtraining.

Yoga & meditation provide a most effective discipline to allow active people be the best they can be.

During our time together we will:

  • release the overused muscles, activate the underused muscles that come about from the repetitive nature of our sport
  • learn methods to encourage recovery & rest in the body & mind
  • learn tools to help us build strength & focus in our mind so we can get the best from each training session, ultimately helping us achieve our training goals

Come join me to find out more about how to use our wonderful practice that is yoga to get the best from this summer season on the roads & the trails.

This workshop is taught by RYT500hrs (Jason Crandell); 200hr Yoga for Sports & BTF Triathlon Coach Sam Edwards


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