Move Better, Breathe Better: Freeing the Upper Body with Laurent Roure

Sunday 14th of January 12:15-14:45


The upper body is a vital part of our physiology, it carries and protects the organs that are essential for our survival. Within the upper body, we find the heart and the lungs, but also the brain - and thus it is vital that we take proper care of it. Keeping these organs healthy is of utmost importance for a comfortable and joyful life. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle contributes to illnesses, ailments and discomfort often without us realising it. Sedentaty jobs and lack of exercice create stiffness, poor blood circulation and consequently, the body and mind are subject to anxiety, stress and lack of sleep. By getting the upper body moving we can free tension and restrictions and help us to ensure that every part of us gets its share of life-giving oxygen to keep us in optimum health.  

During this workshop, you will explore different ways to open and stimulate the upper body with techiques coming from classical yoga with asanas and pranyama, but also from other methods to give you a wide variety of techniques with which to let the upper body reclaim its freedom. The workshop will also consist of simple movements that you can repeat at home in your own time, in order to make sure you conitnue to feel the benefits. You will learn to cleanse and expand your luges to enable easier, more nourishing breathing. You will also release and strengthen the respiratory muscles, open the joints and calm the nervous system to create a more fluid and lighter breathing action to facilitate better health. Most importantly, as Laurent always stresses during his breathing classes, these types of workshops are the perfect place for self-discovery: you willl be able to learn about your limitations and weaknesses but also your strengths and abilities. This will help you move forward in your practice. Laurent will be a fastidiously supervising you and guiding you through this journey. Better movement and better breathing are linked together, and when achieved, will enhance your well-being and your life in ways you can only begin to imagine. Move your upper body and set your breath free. 




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