Happy Hips, Water Mandala Vinyasa with Melinda

Saturday 23rd September 14:00-16:00

melinda water

In this workshop we will explore circular movements with our bodies to honour the creative energy that nature uses to create balance. Based on the elements of the world - fire, water, earth and air - Mandala Vinyasa connects each of them to a specific area of the body. Starting off with a water flow, we are going to focus on our physical body, working 360° around the mat, gradually finding more space in our hips and groin, and activating our second chakra: Svadhisthana (located in the middle region of the lower back, our centre for creativity, relationships, sensuality and emotions).

During the class, we will first tune into the target areas with some Yin, to then draw mandalas with our body whilst warming up. The practice will lead us into deep hip opening postures, but we will keep the energy high with inversions, closing the session with a return to some softer, balancing Yin.

All levels are welcome, but students preferably want to be confident with basic postures / vinyasa.


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