Flow and Restore: Open your Heart and Unleash Untapped Potential with Joe Dwyer

Sunday 11th of June 12:15-14:45


Yoga asana, or yoga postures, offer physical, spiritual and psychological benefits. Depending on the areas of the physical and subtle body being targeted, individual asana are believed to create distinct effects. This workshop will guide the practitioner through the effects of heart opening postures, also known as backbends. Backbends are highly regarded for their ability to stimulate the brain, liberate spines continuously stressed by poor posture, release fear, and build confidence. These effects will be experienced first-hand via an uplifting vinyasa practice, in combination with nourishing, restorative and yin-inspired yoga.

While this workshop will primarily explore the effects of backbends, it will also demonstrate that their practice in the context of a larger sequence is also inextricably linked to other key anatomical components, all of which will be addressed in the physical practice. The workshop will also go beyond the physcial yoga practice to explore aspects of pranayama and bhakti yoga through specific breathing exercices and chants, respectively. Prepare to be both invigorated and relaxed in this complete and transformational workshop.





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