The Dragon Dance with Grace Farmer

Saturday 17th of November 14.00 - 16.00

Dragon dragon dragon dragon

A fusion of Thai Qi and Vinyasa Yoga, the Dragon Dance is an intense, steamy practice inspired by the Myth of the Dragon. Curated by the rich teachings of Yin Yoga founders Paul and Suzee Grilley, this flow is a vivacious Yang exploration into the deep layers of your body, both physical and energetic.

A rythmic, repetitive flow of movement and stillness designed to build awarenss of body and breath through a sequence of postures. The flow works to remove any blockages of energy whilst challenging the entire body. Strength, balance and flexibility are called upon as you step deeper into the Dragon's fire. Grace will guide you through the sequence, building intensity as we connect deeper with the Dance. This moving meditation requires focus and stamina and offers connection and liberation in return. The flow will end with a gentle, grounding meditation. Grace, a travelling Yoga Teacher Trainer and member of Elbow Collective, discovered the Dragon Dance in Bali in 2015 and has been sharing it with Yogis across India, Europe and the UK ever since.



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