Open Heart, an Air Mandala Vinyasa Workshop with Melinda

Saturday 10th March 14:00-16:00

melinda air copy

Last masterclass in the Mandala series! Even just thinkingofair, we all feel lighter! In this final workshop, you will arrive at the heart chakra: Anahata. This centre is all about giving love and feeling loved. You will open your heart, your chest to get a sense of release through all the backbends and heart opening postures. Backbends may come easy, but they can also be a struggle. Most people have a definite preference, but this does not mean it cannot be changed! Day to day, sitting and carrying can leave us with back pain and affect our posture, our emotions can reflect on the body while we are busy trying to protect ourself, and especially our heart centre. As we do this, we often allow our shoulders to slump forward. Moving 360 degrees around the mat, linking breath to movement, we will explore poses that open up and strengthen the shoulders and quads, allowing us to safely release into backbends and inversions. Are you ready to open up and release it all through heart openers? Then come and practice this beautful class! 




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