Aromayoga with Amie

Sunday 25th of February 12:15-2.15pm

doterra oils aroma yoga

Yoga is a healing practice both physically and spiritually, when we add therapeutic grade essential oils into our practice we literally heal ourselves from the inside out.


Did you know that essential oils are more than just pleasant aromatic smells?  Did you know that essential oils were used historically to treat disease and seasonal threats, as well as acting as cleaning and beauty agents and even to heighten one's spiritual connection?
Everything in nature holds energy and vibrates at a certain frequency, us included!  Fear, anger and other negative emotions carry a low frequency.  These energies make us susceptible to dis-ease, depression and a loss of interest in life.  On the other hand, gratitude and love holds the highest frequency.  These energies keep us well, happy and remind us that life is what we make it.
During this 2 hour workshop, Amie will take you through a Vinyasa flow practice focusing on connection and cultivating an open heart.  You will learn what an essential oil is, where they come from and how to benefit from their therapeutic qualities.  Amie will use a chosen set of therapeutic grade essential oils that will leave you feeling happy, connected and informed with powerful knowledge that can be life changing.

Amie McGuinness is one of our yogahaven teachers, her yoga practice transformed from a way of keeping fit into a holistic, spiritual, mind and body practice.  Finding herself barefoot, pushing boundaries on a yoga mat felt truly liberating and the encouragement and determination to invest that time into herself was a true gift.







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