The Art of Letting Go: Relax and Restore

with Laurent Roure

Sunday 12th November - 2:00 – 4:30 pm
yogahaven Clapham, 63 Wingate square, SW4 0AF


Let go with Laurent

In our modern western society we live by the philosophy of work hard, play hard and exercise even harder. For some reason, we believe that to receive the benefits of physical activity we must push our bodies to the absolute limit. But sometimes, there are moments in our daily life and during our yoga practice when the mind needs to slow down, and when the body needs to restore itself. This is a time when we should strive to reconnect with our natural breath and re-establish our balance.

This two and a half hour Mindful and Restorative yoga workshop will explore diverse ways to free and restore the body and the mind from resistance and tension, on and off the yoga mat.

We will learn to let go and to move through postures with ease and greater simplicity. As well as how to influence our nervous system to approach our yoga practice more effectively, calmly and safely.

We will be using several techniques and tools such as pranayama breathing exercises, bodily and sensory meditations and visualisation techniques. These will teach us awareness and concentration, self-observance and acceptance.

Through a thoughtful and considered practice we will learn how to hone and master each of these skills. We will work on bringing the mind and body together in harmony by utilising the classical tools of Restorative, Mindful and somatic yoga.

The last part of the workshop will focus on the deeply relaxing practice of yoga Nidra. We will learn about its history, its benefits and follow up with the practice itself. I will be here to hold space for you, to guide you and help you along your journey.

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