My body is Elastic - 

Yoga, myofascial and somatic movements

Saturday 6th October 12:30pm-3pm

 yogahaven Clapham, 63 Wingate square, SW4 0AF


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Did you know that our bodies are made of elastic and fluid bands of connective tissues called fascia which support us in movements and in motion?

The world of Yoga and movements is now waking up to the idea that, when the body moves, it is not restricted to one posture, one movement or one muscle. We now want to think more of connections and relationships from one body part to another, from muscles to muscles, from joints to joints, from tissues to tissues thus making us a connected moving structure.

In this workshop we will be exploring those revolutionary, but not new, anatomical ideas and concepts. We will be using different movement techniques like Feldenkrais, Bartenieff fundamentals, somatic movements and placing them within Mindful yoga. But more interestingly, we will be using our own exploration and discovering within our individual bodies how to access new and interesting transformations.

Science and the movement world are becoming increasingly intertwined, which allows us and teaches us to move better, with more ease and freedom.

We will be offering our minds an opportunity to visualize a new 3-dimensional body map. We will explore it and understand it through specific moves as well as using complete freedom of movement to understand this idea.

Of course, the body-mind experience can’t work without the flow of the breath, and we will see how we will use the breath to ease us in this fun, creative and uplifting body work practice.

After this workshop your body and mental tensions will be gone. You will feel stimulated, strong and balanced. Join this workshop and create your own freedom of movement!

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