Journey through the Chakras

Sunday 28th January 2018 - 2pm-4:30pm


During this two and a half hour practice Amy will lead you on an exploration of the body, mind and soul Jivamukti style. Working with lunar and solar energy, Amy will teach Yin (holding poses for longer periods) and Yang (more dynamic flow) practices, peppered with pranayama, meditation, visualization and mantra.

Climbing the ladder from our very roots to the crown of the head, this will create an energetic balance by looking within. You will be concentrating on balancing each chakra, one by one, releasing any energy blocks and unresolved issues you may have surrounding each one.

This workshop aims to be opening, transformative and deeply releasing, working to clear blockages so energy can flow freely. Take this opportunity to breathe balance and energy into your perspective for the new year.

A London based teacher originally from NZ, Amy is passionate about yoga and how it has the ability to touch and transform lives. Having come to the yoga originally through her love of health and fitness this has led to an ever-evolving practice. Previously working in the Design Industry in Interior Architecture, she saw the benefits of her yoga practice on her incredibly stressful and fast paced lifestyle which led her to pursue teaching to be able to share this with others. With over 1000 hours of training under her belt having first trained with Yogahaven London and has since trained with the Jivamukti Yoga School New York/London.

Amy's teaching focuses on alignment and breath, attuning the practice in such a way that the students are in a space to balance body, mind and soul, while becoming holistically stronger and increasing flexibility. She aims to create a place where students feel inspired and empowered and that they leave the class feeling uplifted and energised.


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