Flow Yoga

Your guide to our Flow Yoga class

This class is designed to enhance strength and flexibility and to draw awareness to the breath which then focuses the mind bringing it into the present. The class starts with a warm up to loosen the muscles around the shoulders, hips and spine. Sun salutations follow to deepen the breath and to increase heat in the muscles.

The standing asanas work the entire body as they flow into each other on the thread of the breath. The aim is to experience the difference in the asanas when held in stillness after movement therefore gaining another level of flexibility and strength.

The seated asanas will vary in each class, focusing on different areas of the body so participants develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of their practice. Music is played in the background to add to the atmosphere of this fun and motivating class.

Sally Brooks teaches Flow Yoga every Saturday 9am and Sunday 10am

This class is of an Intermediate level and not suitable for beginners.

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