2 Weekends CPD Course: The foundation of Pranayama and other breath works

The foundations for practicing Pranayama, Nadi shodana, Ujjayi & other breath work with Laurent Roure

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Dates / 2 weekends

22nd – 23rd September 2018
3rd – 4th November 2018

Time: 10 am – 5:00 pm

Location: effraspace, 21 Effra Parade, Brixton, London SW2 1PX

Cost: £300

*We recommend attending both weekends but we also understand busy schedules so will be offering a one weekend option for £180*

This pranayama and breathing course is set over the space of two weekends and is open to both yoga practitioners of all levels and yoga teachers. It is particularly suitable for those teachers who wish to refine and hone their breath work skills and introduce the foundations of pranayama and remedial breath work into their classes. The two weekend sessions which make up the course combine to form a twenty-one-hour CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

There are many different yoga systems which embrace pranayama and place it at the forefront of their teachings. The course tutor, Laurent Roure, has been practicing and studying pranayama in the style of Dr. Swami Gitananda Saraswati’s yoga system for many years. He is an advocate for the Gitananda system due to its strong emphasis on physical therapeutics. Laurent’s approach to pranayama also utilises breathing techniques from outside the traditional yogic system and seamlessly embeds them into his practice and teaching. Laurent’s approach is thus finely tuned to be relevant and applicable to our twenty-first century lives.

The structure of the course is designed to be easily comprehensible and accessible to all levels. You will gain a well-rounded understanding of pranayama in both theory and practice through a clear step-by-step approach.

The course condenses what is usually learnt over three to five years into just two weekends and is a great first step towards developing a deeper understanding of the fundamental pranayama.

At each workshop, a handout will be supplied that will outline the subjects to be covered. The handout also includes exercises which you are expected to complete before the next session, if you wish to gain the most possible from the course.

During and after the course, Laurent will be available to answer questions and give ongoing support to your self-practice and can provide teaching support and advice.

Practicing pranayama can have a hugely positive healing, cleansing and calming influence on our body and mind. It can be used to change old patterns and cultivate vitality. Learning to balance the breath helps us to balance the mind and consequently our lives. Furthermore, it is important to remember that pranayama is the fourth limb in Pantjali’s eight limbs of yoga and is thus a vital part of an authentic and genuine yoga practice.

The benefits of breathwork and pranayama techniques are many and varied:

  • Indispensable tools that help us build a safe and strong physical practice
  • Develops body awareness, concentration, mindfulness, focus, and stamina
  • Decreases feelings of stress and tension
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Aids muscle relaxation and pain management
  • Helps oxidize the blood and the respiratory system
  • Slows down the heart rate
  • Lowers and stabilizes blood pressure
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps the fight against insomnia and sleeping disorders

Themes covered in 1st weekend: preparing and building the foundations.

  • The anatomy of the breath
  • How to prepare body and mind for a breathing/pranayama session.
  • The mechanics and physical practices: 3-part breathing & 9-part breathing: Mahat yoga pranayama (The great breath)
  • How to balance and equalise: Sukha Purvakha pranayama
  • Pranava AUM: mudras and mantras

Themes covered in 2nd weekend: Exploring our rhythmic breath, Nadi Shodana and Ujjayi. Healing with the breath. Breath and the mind.

  • Developmental breathing: Savitri pranayama, the rhythmic breath
  • How to prepare and practice Nadi Shodana
  • How to prepare and practice Ujjayi
  • The roles of the breath on our wellbeing
  • How to use breath work
  • Role of the breath and how to use the breath in meditation, deep relaxation (Savasana/ Yoga Nidra)

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