Flow Yoga

Your guide to our Flow Yoga class

The Flow class on Saturday & Sunday mornings at Brighton yogahaven is taught by Sally Brooks whose teaching experience spans over 30 years 20+ years of which was spent running her own exercise and dance studio, The Energy Store and presenting workshops for Nike, Adidas and Fitness Professionals. Sally made the cross over to yoga 10 years ago and has developed her flow classes to reflect her years of experience.

Each week the classes focus on a specific part of the body by opening, stretching and strengthening the area. Sally believes teaching correct alignment and making class participants aware of how to focus on the particular muscle group it is possible to achieve body awareness and change in a safe manner.

The structure of the class remains the same each week starting either sitting or lying down and focusing on the breath, it's vital that the breath is followed throughout the class to focus the mind, bring awareness to the practice and oxygenate the blood. Movements are then added to warm up the joints and muscles. Following the warm up there is an abdominal and spine-strengthening section, which also introduces postures for that week’s theme. The class then moves into the standing strength section, which flows slowly from posture to posture using repetitions to build strength. The last part of the class is a faster continuous flow of asanas around a sun salutation moving fluidly with the breath and releasing any lactic acid builds up in the muscles. Finally the class comes to the floor for savasana.

This class is dynamic and you will leave feeling thoroughly worked yet energized and uplifted.

Music is played for the duration of the class.

Level of ability: Intermediate level –you need to be familiar with the classic yoga postures to attend this class.

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