Vinyasa Krama and the Finding Flow in Life

Sunday 14th of May 2:30pm-4:30pm

Emma Henry

Most people are not conscious of their intention from moment to moment. Details fill their lives, but the casual thread of the vinyasa remains elusive. They may often find themselves in situations wondering, "How did I get into this one?" When we establish a conscious intention and teach ourselves how to remain aligned with that intention, no matter how much we are dissuaded or distracted by the external world, the process unfolds as it should. 

Yogis are radical. In our quest for enlightenment-eternal happiness-we seek to break out of the bonds of cultural conditioning in order to explore and ultimately come to see the true nature of reality. The practice of vinyasa krama can help us in this effort.

In this workshop we look at the key components of this linking mechanism, which gives us the tools to find concentration and fluidity within our yoga practice and beyond the mat.


Price - £35

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