Twist’n’Lengthen: Back Strengthening and Spine Mobilising with Adam Husler

Sunday 9th of December 2018 13:30-16:00

adam husler

When we backbend, we love to collapse in the lower back and squash the neck..because
it makes us look like we’re going further. In twists, we love to spin the neck and throw the
arm…because it makes us look like we’re going further. In this workshop we’re going to
reign things in and begin to find evenness in the backbends, congruence in out twists, and
strength in the muscles that are there to move us in these directions.
Instead of starting with contortion skills, we’ll start from the ground up, breaking down
vinyasa and salutation technique, and you’l already begin using muscles you might not
have felt before. The muscles will keep working as we continue to undulate through
individual vertebrae, unlock our iPhone hunched upper back and neck and begin to move
more dynamically thorough the spine in a strong vinyasa context. Before we neutralise our
spine in a well deserved vinyasa, we’ll have a look at some deeper static poses along with
exploring some deeper backbends like inverted staff pose, king pigeon and full dancers.

£35 or £30 with Earlybird discount if purchased by 31st October 2018.





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