Releasing Fear & Anxiety: A Jivamukti workshop with Stewart Heffernan

Sunday 30th of July 1.00pm-3:30pm

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This workshop will look at how we can use asanas to help move through and break down patterns of fear and anxiety and establish a deep and abiding sense of harmony in the body and mind.

A focus on back-bending and strengthening the psoas muscle will encourage you to open up the front body and release hold of resistances that may be holding you back from moving forward, not just physically, but in other areas of your life. The psoas (so-as), the deepest hip flexor, is particularly sensitive to emotional states. During the workshop we will look at the function and anatomy of the psoas and how it can affect different areas of the body. We will then move in a way to help stretch and strengthen the psoas and front body.

The workshop will finish with a relaxation and guided meditation.
Open to all levels of experience.

Stewart discovered yoga initially through his training as an actor. Awareness of breathing more consciously had a profound effect on his life and he has since dedicated his time to exploring every aspect of yoga. Stewart is a certified Jivamukti teacher having gained his 300 hour qualification under the guidance of his dear teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life, in New York.

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