A Magical Chakra Tour / Shining the Light on the Effortful Path with Emma Henry & Andrea Kwiatkowski

Saturday 12th of May 14:30-18:30

Emma Henry490 RT F

There are many different theory's of what the seven chakras are and what powers they have over our bodies, minds and relationships but for us yogis who are familiar with effects we know without a doubt that there is something truly magical about the chakras. We will explore the relationship of chakra and psychological and spiritual connections on the magical chakra tour
Hatha Yoga Pradipika is a 15th century classical sanskrit manual that is considered to be the main authority on traditional hatha yoga. We often correlate hatha yoga with basic or more simple to other strands of yoga but hatha means to stick fast, forceful, to be devoted and to hold closely or firmly. Yoga means to unite, to associate, to yoke, to join and it also means zeal, endeavour, fixing the mind on one point, holding the body in a steady posture, contemplation and meditation. Emma will be will discussing the historical and philosophical background surrounding this sanskrit text and will teach traditional hatha yoga techniques for physical purification exploring asana and discussing the chakra correlation, kriya or purification techniques, mudra, bandha and pranayama, so initially using the physical body to cleanse for the higher realms or development in meditation and nada, the yoga of sound, deep inner listening or as the HYP teaches, to hear the unstuck sound or the Anahata nadam.
£45 Single workshop or  £185 for whole weekend (includes all 5 workshops)



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