The Tree of Life - A Jivamukti Workshop with Andrea Kwiatkowski

Sunday 17th February 2-4:30pm


Tree of Life

In ancient times and cultures the Tree of life was a representation of how the forces of nature combined to create balance and harmony. One of the central tenets of the Tree of Life is the idea that all life on Earth is interconnected. A forest is made up of a large number of individual trees; the branches of each one link together and combine their life force to provide a home for thousands of different species of flora and fauna. The Egyptians believed that the Tree of Life was the place where life and death were connected. In Egyptian Mythology, Isis and Osiris (also known as ‘the first couple’) emerged from the Tree of Life. 
In this Jivamukti workshop we will explore our connection with trees and the symbolic idea of a tree of life. Standing and balancing Asana will be practiced, finding a steady and joyful connection to the earth is a basic requirement in life and yoga, as the two are interconnected. When we strengthen our connection to our environment, trees, animals and all beings we strengthen ourselves.
A Jivamukti workshop involves a vigorously challenging Asana practice, Sanskrit chanting, meditation, a musical soundtrack, philosophy on and off the mat , deep relaxation and the option for hands on assists.



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