NOURISH: the feet, root and sacral areas with Dionne Reid

Sunday 11th February 1-3:30pm

£30 per person, £25 each if attending with a friend

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This healing workshop takes you on a journey of nourishing the energy circles in your feet, root and sacral areas, with the use of yin yoga and organic essential oils.
You will learn how to connect deeply with your own body. Supported by props, you will hold postures a little longer than in conventional dynamic yoga classes. These extended holds will enable you to release physical, emotional and energetic blocks in the mind and body.
You will learn DIY foot reflexology/massage techniques and hip, lower back releasing postures.
The workshop will begin with pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) and the scent of sage to clear the space energetically, and will close with a yoga nidra.

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