Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Sound Journey hosted by Gavin and Yasmin

Sunday 27th October 1:00-3:00pm


Cacao Ceremony Pic

A cacao ceremony opens the doors of the heart to deep transformation. Whichever your path, the intention of the ceremony is yours to set, and, when called upon with reverence, the cacao deva aligns you with the insight and awareness required to move towards that shift. Gavin is a sound healer, bodyworker and herbalist who has been crafting exquisite elixirs from these beans since 2014. During a 15 year career as an international DJ, he grew increasingly aware of the shamanic current running through this art form, and became interested in how particular sounds presented at the correct moment, could reliably induce altered and transcendent states of consciousness.
These discoveries led to his training as a sound healer in Spain with Michêle Averard and Nestor Kornblum, the founding members of the International Association of Sound Therapy. Alongside his partner Yasmin, Gavin will serve a delicious cacao elixir and guide a meditative shamanic sound journey through the elements, combining overtone singing with acoustic and sacred instruments from different cultures, including the Reverie harp, jews harp, koto, monochord, tambura, handpan, ocean drum, frame drum, Koshi chimes, Himalayan singing bowls, sansula and tuning forks, creating a mystical soundscape in a safe, strongly-held space.

This workshop can be an extremely magical and transformative experience and is not to be missed! 

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