Bhakti to the Future - a Jivamukti workshop with Andrea Kwiatkowski

Sunday 3rd December 1-3:30pm



Jivamukti yoga is a path towards enlightenment for all beings through compassionate ways……

In this workshop we will be exploring the link to the Anahata Chakra, in the centre of the chest. The heart is considered as a symbol of love and the Anahata regarded as the seat of love. When our heart opens to divine love it includes all beings, all of our relationships are strengthened and deepened.

As yogis we are often seeking to have a heart as big as the ocean. Bhakti yoga shows us that through devotion we can find space for all beings in our heart.

When our hearts open we find our love for everyone is infinite. Sayings such as "to have a big heart" or "open the heart" are common place in our society. In this Jivamukti workshop we will be exploring teachings from the Ramayana, an ancient text telling the stories of Sita, Ram and Hanuman which tell about the relationships between these deities and the teachings of the heart.

This workshop will include chanting mantra, scriptural study, meditation, and a vigourous asana sequence, leading to deep backbending postures through which we will explore together the location of the Anahata Chakra, described in the Chandogya Upanishad as "in the centre of the body there is a shrine, hidden within the shrine a lotus blossoms”.

“ The best thing you can do for your own life is to do all you can to uplift the lives of others “ - Sharon Gannon 

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